We have been privileged to work with Cornerstone Church in Fort Worth, TX for several years now. In November of last year Senior Pastor Steve asked us to redesign their image brand and design a new website for them. The vision was to create a logo that would stay true to the concept of a cornerstone while also including 4 areas of ministry: 1. The Weekend Experience. 2. Growth Track. 3. Small Groups. 4. Dream Team.

With this information we set out to first create an image brand that would reflect the 4 areas of ministry within a logo that would be modern yet timeless. The concept we came up with was a square which represents the cornerstone and we used four triangles to create the cornerstone. The reason for the triangles was to show growth and progression from one area of ministry into the next. The square being slightly off center within the middle of the logo wives the illusion of movement. The logo was successful.

Since the brand was successful, we wanted to continue using the same concept as the logo with our web design. Take a look at the website. You’ll see that each area of ministry is color coded in the same colors that we included within the logo. We are continuing to work with Cornerstone to develop more marketing and promotion materials. Check back soon.

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