Find Your PRC Target Market

Find Your PRC Target Market

Finding Your Target Market

Have you ever seen a business employ fancy marketing techniques but never see any improvement in their business from all their efforts? Oftentimes the problem in these situations is that they are not marketing to the right group of people; they have not found the right target audience. That’s why it is important to identify your audience before you decide to market for your business or organization. Finding your target market can be rather tricky for a pregnancy resource center, however once you identify the ideal group or groups to market to you can certainly make your presence known.

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Finding Your Target Market

Use the following questions when finding your target market to help ensure you have identified the right group to advertise to.

  • What are the demographics of the community we are located in? – Take some time to study the demographics of your community, including age, gender, marital status, religious backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds. This factual information can communicate a plethora of information to help you create your marketing campaigns. For instance, if you are in an area that is predominantly Hispanic, you might want to consider marketing in Spanish and English.
  • Who is the target clientele of similar organizations in other communities? – Reach out to similar organizations and clinics in neighboring communities for their feedback and experiences with marketing to select groups. This is where networking comes into play.
  • Is there any specific group that has taken notice thus far of our services? – Take a look at your current clients for an idea of the typical audience that you should be targeting. Obviously in this industry it will likely be women, but are there certain age groups, ethnicities, etc. that seem to request your services.
  • Who can benefit most from the information/products we can provide? – This is perhaps the most important and valuable question that you should seek to answer when finding your target market. While you might be thinking that a pregnancy resource center would obviously benefit women of childbearing age most (and this is true!), you could be overlooking the fact that their male partners might also be looking for information to educate themselves appropriately. Or, you might want to target parents of teenaged females to educate them about how to talk about sexual health and decisions. Because of the wealth of information you have to offer, your audience can certainly vary based on the information you wish to share, which makes targeting the right group to market to that much more important.


Where to Begin Once You Identify Your Audience

Now that you have a better understanding of who your target audience is, you can start identifying the best ways to market to these audiences. Again, because pregnancy resource centers offer a number of different services to a community you might not have the same target audience for all of your marketing campaigns, and that’s ok! The goal is to make the most of all marketing that goes out and to get your name out to the community.

Your target audience is waiting to hear from you, so get started marketing today!


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