Top 5 Marketing Tools For Your Church

Top 5 Marketing Tools For Your Church

The Top 5 Marketing Tools for Your Church

Are you searching for unique ways to reach audiences in your community with your message? You certainly are not alone! In fact, many churches and religious groups struggle when it comes to marketing as it is not as simple as it is for a traditional business or organization. Though it may seem like a difficult undertaking, implementing the top 5 marketing tools for your church is actually easier than you might think. Take a look at some ways to get your message out to the people.

The Top 5 Marketing Tools for Your Church to Help Spread Your Message

  1. Search Engine Optimization for Your Website – First and foremost, your church needs to have a quality website. But, in order to make your site one that works to help reach new members in your community it has to employ proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Optimization of one’s website helps to ensure that search engines, such as Google and Bing, lists your website in a prime location (ideally the first page) when an individual searches for related content. This is obviously one of the top 5 marketing tools for your church because a prime location on a search engine results page can mean more visitors to your site. More visitors gives you the potential to reach new potential church members.
  2. A Quality Website – As mentioned previously, your website is absolutely a marketing tool that needs to be perfected. You can have the best optimization around, but if your site is unorganized and unappealing those visitors are quickly going to seek the information they desire from someone else. Take a look at the content of your site and the visual appeal of each page on your site to ensure it isn’t causing visitors to turn the other way.
  3. E-mail Marketing – A great way to help remind your current and former church members that your church is always there is through e-mail marketing. Periodic e-mails to those who opt-in from your website can include information about church events, religious holidays or even sermon elaborations.
  4. Social Media Marketing – Utilizing social media is a free form of advertising that every church should be taking advantage of. Not only can you use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to communicate with your current church members who ‘Like’ you, but it’s a great way to get your church name out to their friends as well. Creating a strong social media presence is also a great way to reach younger religious youths who primarily use these outlets for communication.
  5. Word of Mouth Marketing – The final tried and true method to advertise is through word of mouth. Encourage your current church members to invite friends and family to your events and mass celebrations as guests. This is always a good way to get new members and to expand the reaches of your church.

You have an important message to share with others in your community, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect ways to get this message to the masses. Don’t let marketing stop your church from expanding. Let us know if we can help you by contacting us.


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