The Power of Social Media for PRC’s

The Power of Social Media for PRC’s

The Power of Social Media is Limitless

If you are searching for a way to expand the reaches of your pregnancy resource center within your community, then you certainly should be looking toward the power of social media. Even though you are operating a resource center, when it comes to marketing you should still consider all of the advertisement means that a traditional business would. The best way to be in constant communication with potential and current clients is through social media.

Understanding the Power of Social Media

Many have the misconception that social media is primarily useful for personal reasons, such as communicating with friends and family. While this may be true, it is important to understand that businesses and organizations are using social media just as much, if not more than the average individual.

Professionals who use social media know that whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter, that they can build a following. Those who regularly follow an organization or business’ social media account are more likely to think of said organization in the event that they require their services. This means that if you have a following of expectant mothers, those mothers are more likely to come to your office for pregnancy related health concerns than to any other clinic or resource center that they don’t follow.

Additionally, social media provides instantaneous results when it comes to getting your name and message out to your audience. You can tweet information about a free baby safety event hosted at your facility this weekend, and it will get to your followers immediately. This certainly cannot be said for flyers or newspaper advertising.

Perhaps the most important and powerful reason that all organizations, including a resource center, should be using social media is the fact that it is free advertising. When used properly and to the fullest, social media outlets can provide your PRC with an opportunity to bring your services to the masses without having to break your marketing budget. What could be better?!

Some Ways Your PRC Can Use Social Media

Unsure of how you can incorporate social media into your traditional means of marketing? There are limitless possibilities to help boost the name of your PRC. Take a look at some ideas to get you started.


  • YouTube – Post videos that can be useful to women who are pregnant or considering getting pregnant, such as fetal development over the course of nine months, delivery of a baby, etc.
  • Facebook – Use Facebook as a means to share information about your services and keep in touch with current and potential clients.
  • Twitter – Twitter feeds are a great way to get quick news out to your followers, such as new pregnancy related studies that have been released, free shot clinics in your community and freebies for moms to be.


Now that you have a better understanding of the power of social media you can begin to use this free marketing tool to your advantage. As a resource center you have plenty of information to share and a number of potential clients to start sharing it with. Share your wealth of information with your community right now! If you have questions or want to get started using social media, please feel free to contact us.


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