Building Your Church Brand Identity

Building Your Church Brand Identity

The Importance of Brand Identity for Your Church

You have likely heard the term brand identity before when it comes to marketing. But, can you say that you actually know what it means and how your church can go about building a brand? Take a look at the importance of brand identity, what it means for a church group and how you can start to build your own today.

The Importance of Brand Identity

Contrary to popular belief, simply because you don’t have a product to sell doesn’t mean that you don’t have a brand. It’s easy to think of a brand as an association with something. What is a viewer going to associate your church’s name with when they see it on a flyer? Take a look at some of the major products on the market, like Coca-Cola, Snickers candy bars and Hostess Cakes, and how simply seeing their brand name can make you want to consume their product because you associate it with being good. The identity of these brands has been engrained in your mind over and over, making most of these a mainstay.

Now, if you apply the same concept to your church, it would mean that your church name is able to evoke certain feelings in members of your community. Maybe you want someone to associate your name with being a religious leader in your area or you want someone to think of your church as their haven. Whatever the case may be, you need to build a brand in order to be more than just another church and more than just another advertiser.

Where to Start

Now that you understand more about the importance of brand identity, you are likely wondering where to start when it comes to building said brand. Here are a few tried and true methods to help you build your brand by simply changing your marketing attitude.

  • Make an impactful statement and stick to it – If you want to be known for your community efforts your church must consistently have a positive impact associated with it when it comes to events, charities, etc. Remember to lead with your church name and logo with everything you do.
  • Market yourself just as you want to be seen – Religious organizations should always keep in mind that their marketing appearance is a representation of how your target audience will see you. Maintaining a tasteful, professional appearance of your website can communicate to the viewer that your church is serious and takes religious leadership seriously.
  • Use marketing strategies that build your brand – Your marketing campaigns are going to be responsible for carrying your brand identity, so you want to be sure to take time to market appropriately and wisely. A poor marketing campaign, whether it contains false information or the visual appearance is bad, can negatively affect the identity that you are working so hard to create.

With a firm understanding of the importance of brand identity and how your church can do so without even having a tangible product, you can begin expanding your following. Bring attention to your church, and start by bringing attention to your brand.

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