Social Commerce and The 5 Stages of Consumer Decision-Making

Social Commerce and The 5 Stages of Consumer Decision-Making  Although the methods and mediums of shopping have changed, the consumer decision-making process has not changed. In today’s e-commerce market, consumers still have to make decisions on what product to purchase, from which merchant and at what price. Being aware of the consumer decision-making process will equip you with the necessary knowledge to market your product or service most effectively using the right social commerce tools. Why is it important to understand the 5 stages of consumer decision-making and how will it help with your social media marketing efforts?  We’re all familiar with the term ‘knowledge is power.’ This term is certainly true of the 5 stages of consumer decision-making. If you can narrow down the process of consumer decision-making, you will be empowered with vital information that will help you market your product in a way that specifically meets the needs of the consumer. Social media has become the strongest marketing tool to influence consumer decision-making. I want to share with you The 5 Stages of Consumer Decision-Making and the social commerce tools used in each stage. 1. Need/Problem Recognition – At this stage the consumer recognizes a problem or need. If there is no need or problem, then there is no purchase necessary. The need of a consumer arises when there is a lack between their actual state and the desired state. The social commerce tools used during this stage are: Social Ads on social networking sites Shared endorsements from friends posted on activity streams Curated images and lists on sites like Pinterest Location-based promotions (i.e. check-ins, Foursquare)... read more

3 Reasons You Should Market on Social Media

3 Reasons You Should Market on Social Media A lot has changed in the realm of marketing over the last few years. Traditional marketing methods that once produced amazing results have become less and less effective. Direct mail, Billboards, Phonebook Ads and Radio Commercials, the most effective traditional marketing techniques in the 20th century, have now become some of the least effective. The 2000’s not only brought in a new century, but it also brought in a completely new way of marketing. The advancement of technology and the change in consumer behavior have effected the way we market products and services. The most noticeable change in technology is the change from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. What is the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0? Let’s define both of those terms: Web 1.0: World Wide Web sites that are static and non-interactive. Web 2.0: World Wide Web sites that are interactive, allowing active engagement between host and users. Why are these changes significant to marketing? In times past marketing was strictly about getting your product or service to the consumer without any interaction with your audience (billboards, phone book ads, static websites…etc.). Today, however, marketing is about getting your product or service to the consumer and the consumer’s feedback about your product or service back to you (social media, crowdsourcing, interactive websites, inbound marketing…etc.). The main benefit of Web. 2.0. is interaction and engagement. In fact, marketers are debating whether another “P” should be added to the marketing mix for “participation”. How can you use Web 2.0 to your benefit? What tools can you use to market your product... read more

Find Your PRC Target Market

Have you ever seen a business employ fancy marketing techniques but never see any improvement in their business from all their efforts? Oftentimes the problem in these situations is that they are not marketing to the right group of people.

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SEO: Why You Need It Now!

SEO: Why You Need It Now! Are you searching for ways to help elevate your business or organization? Trying to build your brand within your community? Well, there’s one tried and true method to truly get the online attention that can help your organization grow – Search Engine Optimization! While you have likely heard the term before, if you know you haven’t implemented optimization techniques into your website, then you aren’t doing your business justice. Take a look at some of the reasons you need to consider SEO and how you can get started perfecting your website today! SEO: Why You Need It Whenever a person enters in a topic they are searching for in a search engine, there are a number of factors which affect the positioning of websites that are provided as results that fit said search. Optimization of a website tells search engines that your site is relevant to the information being searched for, so it becomes one of the first results delivered for searchers to click on. Without using SEO, your website could land on one of the last pages of a search engine result list, which means you are likely not going to get a visitor from that search. The goal of your website should be to draw attention to your business/organization, and without visitors, it’s not serving its purpose. That’s why you need search engine optimization! Where Do I Begin with Optimization? Now, you are likely wondering how to begin when it comes to optimizing your website. For some, this can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you are not familiar with marketing... read more

7 Reasons Your PRC Needs A Good Website

7 Reasons Your PRC Needs a Good Website Is your pregnancy resource center struggling to reach out to a community that you know can benefit from all of your assistance? The answer to your dilemma is simple – create a quality website! The internet has quickly become the modern day source of all information, and without a strong presence online it can leave your organization struggling to truly reach people. Not convinced? Take a look at 7 reasons your PRC needs a good website and how to begin creating your new site. 7 Reasons Your PRC Needs a Good Website Internet is a primary resource for pregnant women – Nine months is a long time for a woman to have questions and wonder about what is happening to their body and their baby. To get the answers they seek, turning to the internet is often the first instinct. Imagine your website being the site they turn to for those answers. Reach a larger audience – The internet doesn’t limit your reach like newspaper ads and flyers do. Instead, it allows you to reach a larger target audience. Your reach is limitless if you use proper search engine optimization techniques. (SEO article coming soon.) Build your PRC within the community – Reaching more people in your community means that your PRC can build a name for itself as a top resource center for women and pregnancy information. Demonstrate a level of professionalism – A website communicates to visitors that you take your profession seriously. In the case of a PRC it tells women that you truly want to help them... read more

The Power of Social Media for PRC’s

The Power of Social Media is Limitless If you are searching for a way to expand the reaches of your pregnancy resource center within your community, then you certainly should be looking toward the power of social media. Even though you are operating a resource center, when it comes to marketing you should still consider all of the advertisement means that a traditional business would. The best way to be in constant communication with potential and current clients is through social media. Understanding the Power of Social Media Many have the misconception that social media is primarily useful for personal reasons, such as communicating with friends and family. While this may be true, it is important to understand that businesses and organizations are using social media just as much, if not more than the average individual. Professionals who use social media know that whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter, that they can build a following. Those who regularly follow an organization or business’ social media account are more likely to think of said organization in the event that they require their services. This means that if you have a following of expectant mothers, those mothers are more likely to come to your office for pregnancy related health concerns than to any other clinic or resource center that they don’t follow. Additionally, social media provides instantaneous results when it comes to getting your name and message out to your audience. You can tweet information about a free baby safety event hosted at your facility this weekend, and it will get to your followers immediately. This certainly cannot be said... read more

Building Your Church Brand Identity

Contrary to popular belief, simply because you don’t have a product to sell doesn’t mean that you don’t have a brand. It’s easy to think of a brand as an association with something. What is a viewer going to associate your church’s name with when they see it on a flyer?

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